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Thank you for visiting our website. Gator Rock Bit is the sole manufacturer of digger derrick and skid steer mounted core barrel bits in the United States. Rok-Away products are so unique they are covered by 6 U.S. patents with other U.S. and foreign patents pending.

Rok-Away bits can cut through virtually anything, from dirt to granite, including limestone, sandstone, coral, shale, bluestone, and many more. Our products come in a full line of Pressure Digger bits, Digger Derrick bits, and Skid Steer bits. Our most popular are the 40 and 70 series bits, with either one or two cut away sides that make cleaning faster and easier.

The standard sizes for the 40 and 70 series bits range from 10" - 24". The 20 series bits standard sizes range from 10" - 96". All standard bits are built with the Kennametal C-24 teeth and Kennametal C-20 pockets. Upon customer request, we can custom build our core barrels with any size and configuration of diameter, pockets, and teeth.

Gator Rock Bit, Inc. is an authorized OEM dealer for Pengo and Kennametal. Please call or email us for all your digging needs.

Gator Rock Bit wants to help you dig holes faster, easier and safer, the same way we cut costs and improve productivity in our own business.


Gator Rock Bit, Inc.
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New Haven, Kentucky

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