Gator Rock Bit, Inc.
5890 New Haven Road
New Haven, KY  40051

toll-free: (888) 348-5309
local: (502) 249-2085


5700 New Haven Road
New Haven, KY 40051

- Easy access to Bluegrass Parkway
- 45 minutes south of Louisville


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ROK-AWAY, as the name implies, is dedicated to serving the utility and construction industry in finding safer, easier and faster ways to drill through and remove rock.

Gator Rock Bit, Inc. is owned and operated by a family that grew up in the power line business. Digging rock holes has been a part of that business for over 50 years. ROK-AWAY bits are designed, tested and manufactured under the direct supervision of a father and three-son team, who know what it takes to produce a tool that works and is reliable enough to work day in and day out without breaking or needing many repairs.

We design and test every product before it is ever sent to market. We know how frustrating it can be to buy something that simply won't do what it is advertised to do. We won't settle for that and we know you won't either. That's why we guarantee our products to do what they say they will do, or we will make it right.

Gator Rock Bit wants to help you dig holes faster, easier and safer, the same way we cut costs and improve productivity in our own business.
Dig Faster.
Dig Safer.
Dig Easier.
CALL (888) 348-5309
tel: (888) 348-5309
mob: (502) 249-2085

Gator Rock Bit, Inc.
5890 New Haven Rd.
New Haven, KY
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